MB ‘global cell’ members to face trial

The public prosecutor has referred five members of an “international cell,” allegedly established by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition group, to the High State Security Court. The defendants have been charged with money laundering and “financing a banned group” that aims to disrupt state institutions.

The defendants have also been charged with raising eight million British pounds in England under the pretext of investing the money in Islamic countries, but instead gave it to the MB to fund anti-regime activity in Egypt, authorities allege. An additional 2.8 million euros was also laundered for the same purpose, police claim.

“I’m not surprised that the men will be tried before an exceptional court at a time when ruling party MPs are saying that police should shoot protesters,” said MB Deputy Supreme Guide Rashad Bayoumi.

Amar Hassan, an expert in Islamic movements, sees the move as an attempt on the part of the regime to stifle the group’s political activities. “The fact that [prominent Saudi preacher] Ayed el-Qurani is among the defendants suggests a degree of coordination between Arab interior ministers in this regard,” he said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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