Maximum security alert nationwide for comprehensive military operation in Sinai

The Armed Forces Spokesperson, Tamer al-Refaei, announced on Friday that the army has initiated a comprehensive military operation in various strategic locations in Sinai targeting terrorists, in accordance with orders issued by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to the General Command of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Interior.

Meanwhile, a high-level security source at the Ministry of Interior said that the ministry is raising the state of alert and security preparedness to the maximum level nationwide, taking all precautionary measures to maintain security throughout the country, especially in light of the fierce operations conducted by police forces in coordination with the armed forces, to root out terrorism.

The source told the state-run Middle East News Agency that security measures have been stepped up in the vicinities of national and investment projects, vital state facilities, electricity and water stations, places of worship, and tourist sites.

Security services have been intensified and a larger number of security forces have been deployed on the streets at fixed checkpoints, patrolling governorates and the borders linking them, the source said.

The source highlighted that directives have been issued to the security leaders in the governorates, instructing them to inspect the security services themselves and to increase the presence of security forces at each governorate’s borders. Meanwhile, security authorities have been told to continue operations to comb the Nile islands, mountainous areas, and remote villages.

All sectors of the interior ministry are working around the clock to observe the security situation and to address all forms of violations to the law, added the source.

Bomb squads and civil protection forces have been deployed to comb vital areas continuously, and to examine all communications, whatever the degree of importance.

The security source pointed out that modern surveillance cameras belonging to the General Directorate of Traffic are following up the traffic as well as the security situations on the ground around the clock.

Finally, the source assured that well-equipped rapid intervention units have been deployed onto the streets to ensure immediate intervention in case of threats to the lives of citizens.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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