Mauritanians celebrate Morsy’s win

Mauritania's National Assembly for Reform and Development, a major political party, has celebrated the election of the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsy as Egypt's first post-revolution president.

The celebration, held at the party's headquarters in the capital Nawakshot, was attended by Egypt's ambassador Youssef Ahmed al-Sharqawy, Al Jazeera said on Monday.

Jubilant car drivers set on marches from the party's office through Nawakshot's main streets.

The Presidential Elections Commission announced Sunday that Morsy had beat former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq in the election.

The website said party leaders and hosts delivered speeches during the popular event. Participants chanted in support for the new president, hoisting Egyptian flags and posters of Morsy.

Party chairman Mohamed Jamil Mansour said the Brotherhood project, launched by its founder, Hassan al-Banna, recorded a terrific success despite persecution.

Mansour said deposed President Hosni Mubarak used to intimidate the US and the West about the Brotherhood, adding that Egyptians, however, elected the Brotherhood both for the Parliament and the presidency.

Sharqawy said he had received torrents of congratulating calls after Morsy was declared president. He said the sympathy and solidarity expressed by Mauritanians was “extensive and impressive.”

He said delegations representing Mauritanians from all walks of life came to offer their congratulations. The ambassador hailed the role played by Egypt’s ruling military and judges in running the electoral process.

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