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Mastering makeup: Prepping for winter

Put aside your tanning oils and creams, it's winter time! The cold and the humidity can take its toll on the fairness and softness of your skin. Prepare your makeup kit with all the necessary products to guarantee amazing skin.

1. Arm yourself with a skin moisturizer. Jergens or Vaseline with vitamins A and E are recommended. Make sure to apply a generous layer on your body after shower.
2. For your face, follow your usual routine of cleanser and toner but follow it with moisturizer. Chanel anti-pollution cream is your number one choice.
3. If you have sensitive skin or are allergic to wool use Clinique anti-redness cream and makeup remover.
4. Mac and Lancaster are your best shot for a good foundation. Use the help of the make-up specialist at the store to choose your perfect blend for your skin.
5. A good concealer is essential. Again, Mac is the brand to use. If not available, use Benefit.
6. For your cheeks, put the pinks and apricot aside and go for darker and stronger shades like plum and bronze.
7. Mascara is a strong tool in winter. Be generous with the layers and don’t be afraid to go all out every now and then and use fake lashes…Oprah does it, so why don’t you!
8. Bring out your royal blue, dark green, grey and black eye shadows; it's time to use these colors.
9. All shades of beiges, red and plum are good for your lips. Avoid pinks and oranges. Make sure to always carry lip balm in your bag, it's your best friend throughout winter.

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