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Mastering makeup: New makeup inventions

Makeup is not about powder and foundation. It is about crossing the limits and coming up with new ideas to make women feel pretty and glamorous. Two of makeup’s recent inventions are the "Luminess Air" and the "Nouveau Brow."

Luminess Air

Luminess Air is a new air brush in a home friendly kit. For years, air brushing was a privilege for models and actresses but now you can own and use one in the comfort of your own home. If you have acne or uneven skin tone, Luminess Air is the solution for you.

The technique is simple: Add the foundation into the machine, hold it a few centimeters away from your face and start spraying the content onto your skin. The advantage of Luminess Air–other than giving a unified tone to your skin–is that it does not block the pores like foundation and powder do, and hence helps to prevent the development of acne altogether.

Nouveau Brow

The second new invention in the world of beauté is Nouveau Brow, a pencil for eyebrow thickening. Eyebrows can start thinning for a lot of reasons–hereditary, or plucking the hair. The pencil contains moisturizers and minerals essential for hair growth and is applied just like an eyebrow pencil. The product should be used for three to four weeks continuously to achieve results.

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