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Mastering makeup: How to look younger

Don’t believe the myth that says you should apply more makeup to cover up skin flaws.

Looking younger is not so difficult if you apply the right colors and amounts of makeup in the right way.

Follow these easy steps and amazing results are guaranteed.

1. Avoid heavy foundations and powders as they tend to accentuate fine lines. Choose a light, water-based foundation that has moisturizer and sun protection (SPF).

2. Use concealer under your eyes and as a base for your lipstick; it should help conceal fine lines in both areas.

3. Avoid heavy eye makeup. Mix dark shades of shadow with lighter ones to ensure successful application. Use colors that complement your eye color.

4. Opt for a light pink blusher and touch of bronzer on your cheek temples, nose, chin and forehead.  

5. As we age, our lips become thinner, so use a lip liner that is a few shades darker than your lips.

6. Use a light color for your lips; add gloss to inner lips to make them appear fuller. Avoid red lipstick, especially with heavy eye make-up.

7. Trim, don’t pluck your eyebrows.

8. Don’t overdo it with the mascara: Just a few strokes are enough. Allow your mascara to dry between coats.

9. Dump your dark eye liners (black and brown) as they will make your eyes look droopy. Choose a light colored pencil to open up your eyes.  

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