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Mastering makeup: 5 tips for redheads

Having red locks can be time restricting when it comes to makeup, as the combination of red hair and freckles may be challenging for some women. Here are some tips to put you on the right track.

1. For foundation, go for a sheer tone that matches your skin color. Avoid foundations or powders with pink tints. Gold or coral tones are acceptable. Don't try to cover your freckles–they add to your character as a fiery redhead.

2. For your eyes, don't hesitate to try out different colors. Shades of beige, gold, coral, emerald and light grey are suitable. Avoid blues, violet and pinks.

3. For your eyelashes mascara is a must. Opt for brown, not black. You can also play with colored mascara like dark green or auburn. Eyeliner is important; brown is preferable.

4. For your cheeks, avoids shades of red or pink. Again, peach and coral are the colors for you.

5. As for lips, the palette is wide, from tomato red to nude beige. If you go for red, minimize your eye makeup to even up your look. Cancel eye shadow, but keep a dramatic line of liquid eyeliner.

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