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Mastering make-up: Creating fuller lips

You don’t need operations or injections anymore to have fuller lips; there is a much easier and face friendly method that could give you more or less the same result. Follow these easy steps and you will be amazed at the results.

  1. Start by contouring your upper lip with a similar color to your lips. Do not go all the way to your mouth’s corner–stop your line half a centimeter before the corner on both sides.
  2. Repeat that process on your lower lip outlining ¾ of it. (Do not reach the corners).
  3. Using a darker liner (same tone of your lipstick), draw a very thin line around the first contour. Again, do not go all the way to the corners.
  4. Apply your lipstick then remove the excess with a tissue. Add a tiny bit of transparent lip-gloss in the middle of both your lips.
  5. If you wish for a more natural look, paint your lips with transparent gloss, then sudge the contour into your lips to add color and create fullness.

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