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Mastering make-up: Bring out your eyes

Our eye color is usually a combination of two or more shades. Bringing out or toning down one color or the other can only be achieved through good eye make-up. Here are some steps that you can follow to make your eyes glow:

    1. If you have dark brown eyes, opt for dark eye liner–black or brown. If you feel like wearing brighter colors like blue, green and purple, mix them with a darker shade to balance the look.
    2. If you have green or grey eyes, avoid dramatic use of black and green. If you prefer to go dark, choose a nice brown eye pencil. For lighter shades, use purple as it tends to bring out more green in your eyes.
    3. You can use black eye liner with blue eyes if you have black hair. If your complexion is lighter, use a grey or brown pencil.
    4. Grey eyes are rare and beautiful and anything works with them–black, brown, blue etc…

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