‘Martyrs’ replaces Mubarak’s name at metro station

Maintenance staff at the former Mubarak metro station officially renamed it "Martyrs" on Monday, hanging new signs to mark the name change.

Mohamed al-Sheimy, chairman for the Egyptian Company for Metro Management and Operation, announced the change and added that the metro company installed 12 panels at the metro's two lines.

The name change comes after a court decree that ordered the removal of former President Hosni Mubarak's name from public institutions. The metro stop had been named after Mubarak since 1986.

Families of protesters who died in the 25 January revolution reacted with happiness.

Fatma Hussein, a mother whose son died during the revolution, said the name change was a relief and accused Mubarak of killing protesters.

”I felt great sadness whenever I found the name of Mubarak, who killed the martyrs, hanged at the metro station, as if he was still president," Hussein said. "But now that his name was removed, I feel pride and imagine my son’s face was there in the station.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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