Marsa Alam Airport receives 45,000 European tourists

The Marsa Alam International Airport is set to receive about 45,000 European tourists on board 121 flights this week, starting from Saturday until Friday.

A tourism expert in the Red Sea Atef Othman confirmed that the Marsa Alam airport is ready to receive 121 tourist flights coming from the airports of 11 European countries, including Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Lithuania and Luxembourg,

This comes as hotels and resorts in Hurghada saw a significant decline in domestic tourism rates with the start of the holy month of Ramadan.

This decline will last throughout the month until the start of the Eid al-Fitr holiday.


Recovering tourism

A tourism expert in the Red Sea Atef Othman confirmed the recovery of tourism in Marsa Alam hotels and resorts, coinciding with the high rates of inbound tourist flights from Europe.

According to Othman, the airport received 18 Italian flights, 19 German flights, 31 Czech flights, 18 Polish flights, five Dutch flights, three Belgian flights, four Swiss flights, two French flights, and one from each of Luxembourg, Austria, Hungary and Lithuania.

The Hurghada International Airport, on October 14, recorded an increase in the number of flights, receiving 83 regular and chartered flights from various European airports carrying about 12,000 European tourists.

The German tourists coming to Hurghada in the Red Sea topped the list of European nationalities.

Resorts and hotels in the Red Sea governorate received more than four million tourists of different nationalities in 2022.

German tourists came at the forefront of the nationalities that arrived in the Red Sea governorate with a total of 1.158 million tourists.

Russian tourists came in second place with a total of 472,000 tourists, and the Czech Republic came in third place with 392,000 tourists, and Poland came in fourth place with 378,000 tourists.

Britain ranked fifth with 190,000 tourists, Italy came in sixth with 166,000 tourists, the Netherlands ranked seventh with 128,000 tourists, Romania ranked eighth with 125,000 tourists, and France ranked ninth with 124,000 tourists.

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