Mariam Naoum: State television loses if scenes are deleted

Author Mariam Naoum has announced that the Egyptian state television will lose out by deleting scenes from her series “Under Control” (Ta7t El Saytara), particularly considering it is being broadcasted in its entirety on more than one satellite station and viewers dislike watching censored shows.
She said the scenes that were deleted were meant to give more depth to the series. “The shocking scenes were meant to confront the viewers, not attract them,” she said.
Naoum said she started working on the series in 2010. “Addiction, love, jealousy and murder can be handled in different dramatic ways,” she said.
The actress, along with director Tamer Mohsen, interviewed drug dealers, addicts and doctors before they wrote the series. “We want to say that an addict is a sick person, not a criminal to be rejected by society,” she said. “People should be tolerant rather than pick on the weaknesses of others.”
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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