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Marassi’s Turquaz making waves on the North Coast

Turquaz Beach Club opened its doors to party and fun lovers last week on the north coast. A party launching happened last Thursday night with great music and a big crowd despite the weak flow to the area.

In the morning, the place functions like any beach club with space for sun bathing swimming, water sports and aerobic. A fair menu is available for a quick bit or a drink. From Wednesday to Saturday, the club throws parties at night that start around 11 pm and continue until the wee hours of the morning.

Last Thursday the club launched its first party of the summer with some hip house and pop music. The aim is to attract an older crowd who appreciate good music and love to party hard.

The project represents cooperation between Tamarai and By Ganz. In the membership club, members receive a card with their name and picture in addition to a serial number. Being a member doesn’t mean you can simply show up at the place. Reservations are a must and there is a special number for that purpose.

There is a minimum of LE200 per person, which can climb as high as LE250 if you desire to have a table. Finger food is offered on tables only.

The party lasts until the early hours of the morning and around 3000 people were there for the biggest event of the North Coast. More than a hundred paper lanterns lit the skies above the dancing crowd. The view of the sky was magical.

On Saturday, the club arranged the well known Tamarai’s Nostalia night which attracted an older crowd who appreciate disco and eighties music.

The club will continue to entertain its avid crowd until the end of summer, but there is no news yet on whether the venue will offer entertainment during Ramadan.

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