Mansoura harasser arrested, pleads psychological instability


A sexual harasser was arrested in Mansoura, after a girl filmed him harassing girls seeking public transportation on the street. The video was then posted on social media, sparking a wave of outrage and demands the harasser be arrested.

The harasser was identified through security camera footage, which filmed an incident in Mansoura University parking lot.

Following his arrest, the harasser admitted to harassment claims, blaming his mental instability for his actions. Mansoura prosecution ordered the man’s detention for four days pending investigations.

A police testament from one of the man’s relatives claimed that he had been undergoing a psychological crisis since 2011, caused by the death of his father, combined with his wife leaving him.

A 2017 report by Thompson Reuters Foundation names Cairo “the most dangerous city in the world for women.” The report claims that since the sexual harassment incidents in Tahrir square in 2011, Cairo has risen to become one of worst sexual harassment hubs in the world, although Mansoura is not mentioned in the report.

Photo by Ahmed Al.Badawy.

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