Manpower minister contacts Jordan over illegal Egyptian laborers

Manpower and Immigration Minister Khaled al-Azhary said Monday the government would contact Jordanian Prime Minister Abdallah al-Noussour to discuss Egyptian citizens who are working illegally in Jordan.

The Jordanian authorities are cracking down and deporting illegal laborers for what they say are security and economic reasons, and in accordance with labor conventions and laws.

“The prime minister promised to resolve the problem with the labor and interior ministers,” Azhary said.

In a press release issued Monday, of which Turkish Anadolu News obtained a copy, Azhary said President Mohamed Morsy would personally intervene to resolve the problem with King Abdullah II if necessary.

He added that there are half a million Egyptian workers in Jordan, of whom 320,000 do not have work permits.

The Jordanian interior minister had told the Egyptian ambassador earlier this week that the authorities are cracking down on all foreign workers, not only Egyptians.

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