Man detained over killing son who defended his mom

Manfalout Prosecution Office, Assiut Upper Egypt, ordered a man be detained for 4 days Saturday pending an investigation for killing his son in broad daylight on Thursday.

A video went viral on social media showing two men and two women with a child on the scene. The two men apparently had an altercation, which ended up with the older of the two killing the other.

Residents of the neighborhood filed a report with the police on the incident.

Police preliminary investigations found that the man, Abdel Raheem, 60, killed his son Hamada, 22, while the latter was leaving a clinic accompanying his mother and his younger brother.

The father has been waiting downstairs and tried to assault his wife because of a family dispute, but the son stood between them and tried to prevent his dad from assaulting his mother.

The man reportedly shot three bullets into his son and killed him.

The mother of the victim, Madeha, said during investigations that she was at the doctor’s clinic for a medical examination when her husband tried to assault her upon leaving. Their son tried to intervene and her husband took out a gun from his pocket and fired shots at his son, which led to his immediate death.

Local media reports said that the man used to hit and beat his wife and that she had recently moved out of the house after he stabbed her with a knife. He was living in her family house.

She had asked her deceased son, Hamada, to take her to her doctor’s appointment at the clinic, and when they left they were surprised by the father waiting with the gun.

Youm7 reported that the man tried to kill the mother after killing his son but the gun was out of bullets.

Edited Translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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