Madagascar president targeted in assassination plot — prosecutors

Madagascan authorities claim to have foiled a conspiracy against President Andry Rajoelina, with several “foreign and Malagasy” suspects arrested.

The public security minister on Wednesday said that six people had been arrested — one foreign national, two binationals, and three Madagascan citizens.

“The police had information for several months, but only now was there an opportunity to arrest them,” the statement read.

Rajoelina was sworn in as president in 2019 after a hard-fought election and a constitutional court challenge from his rival.

Andry Rajoelina puts a ballot in the boxDetails of the extent of the assassination plot against Andry Rajoelina were not clear.

What we know so far

Prosecutor Berthine Razafiarivony said in a statement that “several foreign and Madagascar nationals were arrested on Tuesday, July 20, as part of an investigation into an attack on state security.”

“According to the evidence in our possession, these individuals had devised a plan for the elimination and neutralization of a number of people including the head of state,” the statement read.

Investigations were underway and further details could not be disclosed, according to the authorities.  The extent of the assassination plot was not clear, and the authorities also did not say how advanced it was.

On 26 June during the country’s Independence Day celebrations, Madagascar’s gendarmerie announced that they had foiled an assassination attempt on their boss General Richard Ravalomanana. The general is also considered to be the president’s right-hand man.

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