Macron says it would be “cynical and counterproductive” for Russia to blame Ukraine for Moscow terror attack

From CNN’s Joseph Ataman in Paris

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday that it would be “cynical and counterproductive for Russia and her citizens” to try and blame Ukraine for the Crocus City terror attack in Moscow.

“We must be careful of any instrumentalization” of the attack, Macron said in remarks to journalists upon his arrival in the French territory of French Guiana.

Macron expressed his “solidarity” with the Russian people following the “Islamist terror attack” in Moscow, adding that France had offered its help to Moscow regarding intelligence about the attack.

He noted that the Islamic State (ISIS) had claimed the attack and that France and its main partners believed it was an Islamic State entity that planned and perpetrated this attack. However, he did not specify which ISIS entity France believes perpetrated it.

Macron said that the same entity had attempted several attacks on French soil in recent months, which contributed to the French government’s decision to raise the country’s terror threat level on Sunday.

Remember: After the attack, Putin said the “perpetrators” were headed to the Ukraine border before being captured. His comments came after ISIS had already claimed responsibility. Ukraine strenuously denied any involvement.

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