Maait orders easing measures for electronically linking Nafeza, e-bills for taxes

Minister of Finance Mohamed Maait ordered the officials of customs authority to ease measures to electronically link the National Single Window for Trade `Nafeza` with the e-invoice system for taxes with the aim of swiftly releasing commodities and products and unify the state’s data system.

In statements on Friday on the occasion of launching the link between Nafeza and the e-invoice system of taxes, Maait said it was decided that a permit period will be granted to emergency import cases to adjust their conditions till August 1, noting that the experimental operation of exports will be extended till September 1 with a permit granted to strategic commodities to directly release goods from harbors.

The minister said that priority will be given to food components, medicine and production equipment in order to serve the industrial production and ease burdens of importers along with meeting the needs of citizens from basic commodities at local markets.

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