Luxor’s Nile cruises and balloon flights increase

With the coming of the holiday season, Luxor witnessed increased rates of Cairo-Aswan Nile cruises and balloon flights, carrying hundreds of tourists to view sights such as ancient Pharaonic temples on Christmas day.

Around 700 tourists made 34 flying balloon trips to Luxor to see temples in the west and eastern areas, alongside the temples adjacent to the mountains and the Nile River.

A member of the Tourist Marketing Committee in Luxor, Mohammed Osman, said that Italian and French tourists are coming to visit Luxor during the winter season.

Luxor also began receiving new tourists from markets such as Korea, China, Japan and Spain.

Osman said that thanks to the recovery of cultural tourism in Luxor and Aswan, with rates of Nile cruises reaching up to 120 tourist boats, workers in the tourism sector are planning to further develop Luxor’s tourist infrastructure.

The chairman of the Tourist and Travel Companies Chamber Tharwat Agamy said that occupancy rates in Luxor’s fixed and floating hotels increased to 90 percent and 100 percent, after the number of German charter flights to Luxor Airport increased from eight to 16 flights per week.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 


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