Luxor residents evicted for tourism

The Egypt government is currently demolishing homes in a plan to turn Luxor into an archaeological tourist haven. Residents living between Luxor and Karnak Temples–along the "Avenue of the Sphinxes"–have recently been given three-day eviction notices as heavy machinery is quickly tearing down buildings six days a week.

"It is our philosophy now to evacuate the whole city here, between the two temples (Luxor and Karnak) to an area west of the railway line," said General Samir Farag, the governor of Luxor, during an interview with Al-Masry Al-Youm English Edition in late October.

Residents say it is not clear how much they will receive for their homes; compensation varies from about LE40,000 to LE60,000, according to several interviews.

"They take everything, remove all homes here [near] the Nile," said Mustafa Lofi, whose sisters’ house was slated for demolition today. "No buildings over the Nile. Why? People who come from abroad [bring] the money for antiquities."

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