Luxor protesters block road leading to Valley of the Queens

Residents of the village of Marei on Luxor’s west bank have blocked the road that leads to the Valley of the Queens, a tourist attraction that contains the tombs of ancient Egyptian queens.

They are protesting against the governor of Luxor, who they allege has not met his promise to provide them with alternative housing after removing them from their old homes two years ago. The villagers were forced from their homes after an ancient tomb was discovered beneath their community.

Governor Ezzat Saad refused to meet with the protesters, who insisted they would continue to block the road until their demands are met. He said officials would “make [their] decision once [they] have studied all the complaints.”

Luxor antiquities director Mansour Boureik denied that the protesters hijacked a bus carrying tourists. “The bus that was carrying 14 Italian tourists had to turn back when the driver saw that the road was blocked,” he said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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