Liverpool negotiates with Roma for Mohamed Salah

Egyptian football player Mohamed Salah, the star of the Italian team Roma, is on the verge of joining the UK’s Liverpool — one of England’s biggest and most prestigious clubs — next season, according to English and Italian news reports.
Ramy Abbas, Salah’s agent, has recently published pictures of airline tickets to England and has followed the official Liverpool page on Twitter.
The Liverpool Echo, the club’s official website, said that Salah’s agent, Rami Abbas, will meet with Liverpool officials within the next few hours to resolve the transfer of Salah to the Reds. Abbas will negotiate with the officials from Liverpool to agree on the financial terms of the deal, expected to be completed over the coming few days, Liverpool Echo added.
Roma club officials have already announced their refusal to transfer Salah from the team for less than 50 million euros, a value that will be negotiated by the management of Liverpool.
The Times newspaper said Liverpool management had agreed to sign Salah for 43 million sterling pounds, which is close to the 50 million euros set by the Roma club to waive the player, with a 4-year contract.
Salah was on the verge of moving to Liverpool in January 2014, before moving to Chelsea and from there to ACF Fiorentina and Rome. Some newspapers reported that the Egyptian international player has made a mistake in 2014 when he refused to join the Reds and preferred to join Chelsea, and now he is getting back on track.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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