Limited skirmishes occur in Mahallah between Morsy supporters, opponents

The City of Mahallah in Gharbiya experienced limited skirmishes between supporters and opponents of ousted President Mohamed Morsy after Eid prayers in the early morning of Tuesday.
Morsy supporters made the Rabaa sign with their hands, as opponents chanted against the Muslim Brotherhood, which led to the skirmishes. 
April 6 Youth Movement’s Democratic Front,and the Socialist Youth Union meanwhile staged marches after prayers and raised martyrs’ images.
Following the killing of protesters in Alexandria and Nasr City on 13 October, the Muslim Brotherhood called on its supporters to continue staging massive marches nationwide against the interim government because they claim “the coup is about to fall.”
The statement said anti-coup demonstrators, describing them as “freemen,” should continue protesting to liberate the coming generations and homeland from corruption, tyranny and ruin.
The statement claimed that brutality against protestors demonstrates the weakness of the coup leaders who cannot find a way out of the dilemma they caused.
“The military coup leaders have no place in politics and governance, the army's sole place is the border in barracks,” it added.
The statement accused the “coup leaders” of alleging a war against terrorism, while they actually carried out the “most heinous types of violence and terrorism against peaceful demonstrators.”
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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