Light rains may extend to Greater Cairo Tuesday

A member of the Media Center of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority, Manar Ghanem said during a Tuesday telephone call to the “Sabah Al-Balad” that light rain will extend to some areas of Greater Cairo and the governorates of Lower Egypt and parts of the Suez Canal.

She added that the percentage of rain falls does not exceed 30 percent.

Maximum temperatures in Cairo would be around 23C, she predicted, with a decrease in temperatures expected at night between 10C and 12C.

The accuracy of forecasting the weather of winter this year is not over 20 percent so a change is likely to occur, Ghanem said.

Ghanem said that the sources of air masses are mostly sources of air masses between northwest to southwest, which leads to stable weather conditions during the daylight and high temperatures.

An atmospheric depression occurred in the upper layers of the atmosphere, with low and medium clouds over the northern regions, she said.

Light rain fell in most of the governorates overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, northern Lower Egypt and some areas of Sinai, Ghanem added.

Ghanem advised wearing wear heavy clothes and not to be fooled by the warmth of the daytime hours, as the cold will descend immediately after the sunlight disappears.

Winter will certainly see a further decrease in temperatures, she noted especially during the evening by up to two degrees or three degrees, with greater rainfall north of the country.

She warned that climate change is leading to violent weather instability.

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