A Life in Paradise

The American University in Cairo’s Tahrir Bookstore hosted the famous Egyptologist Zahi Hawass last Saturday at 5pm for a book signing. Hawass presented his latest publication, "The Lost Tombs of Thebes: a Life in Paradise", which offers the reader unprecedented access to the wonderfully decorated tombs from the New Kingdom that belonged to people who served the Pharoahs. These tombs are situated a stone’s throw away from the Valley of the Kings at the foothill of the Theban massif. The refined and colorful pictures from Sandro Vannini, Zahi Hawass’s long-time collaborator, provide access to a selection of these tombs, which are usually not accessible to the public. The 288 pages of this massive volume contain both specialized texts by Hawass and exquisite photographs of the beautiful texts and picturesque scenes that adorn the walls of these tombs. The aristocracy of the tombs’ owners is evident throughout the book, and the pages explain the high artistic value of these wall-paintings and reliefs. The book’s reference section includes plans, maps, and an exhaustive list of the tombs.

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