Lies that last a lifetime

The Head of the Health Committee of the European Parliament said all the fuss surrounding the H1N1 virus was a “storm in a teacup” that may indicate some sort of collusion between multinational pharmaceutical companies and the World Health Organization (WHO). Only hours later, the same thoughts were reiterated by the former head of the Middle East H1N1 Virus Center of the WHO.

After these statements, several states stopped importing the H1N1 vaccine while others discarded their surplus vaccines. Egypt, in response, got rid of all protective procedures at the airport.

The time that elapsed between the appearance of the virus last April and the current talk about conspiracy and collusion is quite short. Surprisingly, the trick only took a year, in fact only a few months, before it was uncovered.

In Egypt, however, we have been living with a trick, not for months, but rather for 50 years. We are governed by a constitution that is detached from the realities of the era. We have been living under this ruse from 1956 until the present.

Since the 1960s, we have also been living with another ploy, which requires that 50 per cent of People’s Assembly members are farmers and workers.

We are living in yet another lie – the lie of free education. It is about time we admitted that free education does not exist, neither in schools nor in universities.

We are living many lies, and strangely enough, we are deceiving ourselves. Whereas other lies expire, ours persist our whole lives.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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