Libya’s official news agency: Egyptians and Tunisians among rioters

Egyptian and Tunisian nationals are among "dozens of elements belonging to a foreign network" working to "destabilize the country" who have been arrested by Libyan security, the official Libyan news agency reported. 

Citing "trusted sources", the official agency said that since Wednesday security staff have arrested dozens of foreigners who have been trained to jeopardize the country's stability, security and national unity.

According to the agency, these elements also include Turks, Palestinians, Syrians and Sudanese nationals. They attack and vandalize hospitals, banks, courts, prisons, police stations, and military police points as well as private properties, it said.

Since Tuesday, the agency went on, Libyan cities have been vandalized, money has been stolen from banks, and files for criminal cases involving the protesters or their relatives have been damaged.

Quoting the same sources, the agency said investigations are ongoing. It added that current protests in Libya may be connected to a scheme previously announced by Major General Amos Yadlin–the former head of the the Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate (known as Aman)–that involved planting espionage cells in Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon and Iran. 

Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch said on Saturday that more than 80 people have been killed over the past three days in Libya in protests against president Muammar Qaddafi, who has held power since 1969.

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