Libyan aid ship unloads Gaza-bound humanitarian cargo in Egyptian port

The Libyan aid ship “Al-Marwa,” laden with humanitarian aid supplies bound for the Gaza Strip, has docked in the Egyptian port of Arish, a port official said on Thursday.

The ship’s contents, he said, were currently being unloaded in preparation for their transfer into the strip via the Rafah border crossing.

Arish Port head Gamal Abdel Maksoud said that port authorities had given the ship priority in unloading its contents even though 22 commercial ships were currently awaiting entry into the port.

According to Abdel Maksoud, the ship is carrying 700 tons of medical supplies, two ambulances, power generators and equipment for the physically handicapped.

He added that 17 activists, who arrived in Arish last week, would accompany the aid into the besieged coastal enclave.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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