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“Leh Laa” has a special place with viewers: Nelly Karim

The latest season of the drama series “Leh Laa” (Why Not) is scheduled to be shown on June 22 on the Shahid platform.

Actress Nelly Karim said that her character, Sherry, represents women who faces great difficulties especially from raising children.

In a press release from mbc on Tuesday, Karim explained, “Sherry’s personality is a model for many women who face great difficulties in raising children in adolescence and transitioning into youth, especially if a woman tackles this task alone, in light of the changes of the times and the availability of means of knowledge for the new generations, which makes the task much more difficult.”

“Sherry enjoys a special relationship with her son Yassin, but when she falls in love, Yassin’s jealousy will constitute an obstacle that she must overcome with him to open a new page in their lives.”

Karim added that the series, “Has succeeded in occupying a distinguished position for viewers through the social issues it raises, which we need to discuss regularly in our society, and to listen to the opinions of new generations about them, while taking into account, at the same time, maintaining the basic values of education.”

The third season touches on life after divorce and women remarrying, with one character rejecting the marriage of his mother but accepting his father marrying another.

The idea was developed by Dina Negm, who wrote the script and dialogue in cooperation with Magdy Amin, Rania Hassan and Salma Abdel Wahab, through a narration workshop and under the supervision of Maryam Naoum.

The series stars Menna Shalaby, Ahmed Hatem, Murad Makram, Maha Abu Auf, Sarah Abdel Rahman, Selim Mostafa, Mona Ahmed Zaher, Donia Maher, Firas Saeed, Yara Gibran, Tamer Nabil, and Reem Hegab.

“Why Not” marks one of many successful collaborations between Naoum and Karim, who worked together on prior shows such as “Women’s Prison” (Segn al-Nisa), “Under Control” (Taht al-Sitara) and “Free Fall” (Sokot horr).

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