Lebanese police ID lynch victim’s killers

Lebanese police have reportedly identified some of the killers of Mohamed Mossalam, the Egyptian national murdered and hanged in Lebanon’s Ketermaya district in April.

According to police, Salafist sheikh Mohamed Orabi was the first to stab Mossalam, calling on local residents to help kill and mutilate the victim. A butcher, Abd Sayed Ali, also participated in the murder, along with another young man–reportedly wearing a t-shirt portraying Lebanese PM Saad Hariri–who suspended the body from a lamppost, say police.

Authorities also identified eight other individuals that took part in the killing, including the owner of the Mercedes behind which the victim’s body was dragged.

Lebanese prosecutors are expected to continue taking eyewitness testimony on Wednesday.

According to an Egyptian autopsy report, Mossalam died from multiple stabs to the chest and stomach ranging between 1cm and 20 cm deep.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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