Lebanese artist speaks on photo with Mohamed Salah

In a telephone interview with Egyptian presenter Amr Adeeb on the TV program “The Story”, Lebanese actor and singer Jessy Abdo explained the truth behind her infamous picture with Mohamed Salah.

“My meeting with Mohamed Salah didn’t exceed two minutes. I learned about his presence in Dubai from a friend, and thus wanted to meet him,” Abdo told Adeeb.

Abdo referred to Salah’s support for the series she acted in last Ramadan, “Sok Ala Banatak” (Hide your Sisters) starring Egyptian actor Ali Rabie. During her short talk with Salah, he asked her whether they had met before, and she replied that they had not, adding that she had appeared in the series he had followed last year. She stated that they took the picture and she left.

The Lebanese artist had posted a picture of herself with Liverpool’s star Mohamed Salah on her personal Instagram account. The photo was captioned “Egypt’s pride, all the Arabs’ pride, Salah.”

The picture raised many doubts, topping trends on Instagram and Twitter. Media outlets started to display the artist’s profile, exploring the identity of the girl who appeared with Salah in the circulated picture.

Abdo clarified that viewers mistook her for another woman who was pictured hugging Salah, affirming that the picture was of a different female who was wearing noticeably different clothes.

When Salah and Abdo’s photo was taken, Salah was in Dubai to shoot a commercial while Abdo was there to shoot a TV series for the upcoming Ramadan season.

Abdo is a Lebanese actress and singer known for TV series “Ila Yara” (To Yara) and “Helwa we Kaddaba” (The Pretty Liar). She also hosts the comedy program “Basmat Watan” (A Nation’s Smiles).

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