Lawyers protest at Cairo syndicate, vow escalation

Tens of lawyers staged a protest in front of the Lawyers Syndicate headquarters in Cairo on Tuesday, standing beneath a banner reading “Day of Dignity”.

The demonstrators read a list of their demands, which included the release their deatined colleagues in Tanta, legal immunity for attorneys and a just solution to their dispute with Egypt’s judges. The protesters also chanted slogans condemning the actions of Judges Club Chairman Ahmad el-Zind, screaming “Violence for violence and intransigence for intransigence.”    

Lawyers have vowed that their crisis with the judges would continue even if their two colleagues from Tanta, Ehab Saee Eddin and Mostafa Fattouh, were released.

“The matter has become an issue of attorney rights,” one protester stated. The demonstrators called on all Egyptians to join them in solidarity because “the crisis affects the nation as a whole.”

The protestors demanded that Basem Abul Rus, a prosecutor they accuse of assaulting Saee Eddin and Fatouh, be put on trial.

The lawyers added that if their demands were not met, they would internationalize their cause and give it more publicity than the recent case Khalid Saeed, an Alexandrian teen allegedly beaten to death by two police officers.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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