Law regulating electoral districts to be issued late August

The law regulating electoral districts in Egypt will be issued late August, said Mamdouh Shahin, assistant minister of defense for legal affairs on Wednesday.

Shahin added that the new law regulating parliamentary elections was carefully considered and was agreed upon by all members of the Supreme Constitutional Court, heads of other judiciary authorities, and constitutional law professors.

He went on to say that half of the seats of each house will be elected via the single-winner system, while the other half will come through the list-based candidacy system. Shahin said that many countries mix the two election systems, such as Germany, the Ukraine, and the USSR.

He pointed out that the law gives everyone an equal chance, despite the fact that political parties in Egypt represent only five million out of a total of 49 million voters. He added that parties can also nominate candidates through the single-winner system.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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