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Large gold mine discovered in Egypt’s Eastern Desert

The advisor to the Egyptian Minister of Supply for Gold Industry affairs Naji Farag, announced the discovery of a new gold mine in the Abu Marwat area.

The mine is located in the Eastern Desert of Egypt, and it is estimated to contain a strategic reserve of up to 290,000 tons of gold.

According to Farag, the Abu Marwat mine is one of the most promising gold mines in Egypt. It is expected to have a positive impact on the Egyptian economy, as it will generate revenue and create jobs.

He stressed that exploration companies are continuing their work, and continued: “We have an interest from global companies in the field of gold exploration, it is a strong and vital field that will be a harbinger of good for Egypt.”

The discovery of the Abu Marwat mine marks a significant development for the Egyptian gold industry, signifying that Egypt is becoming a more attractive destination for gold exploration and mining.

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