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Kuwait’s Hayat Communications to provide satellite internet in Egypt

Kuwaiti company “Hayat Communications” intends to provide satellite Internet services in Egypt for the first time, amid assurances that large companies, especially those operating in the desert, and navigation sector, will be the first to benefit from this type of services.

A sales manager at Hayat Communications’ Kuwait Branch, Imad Attia, said that his company aims to provide satellite Internet services in Egypt through the Tiba Sat satellite, after an agreement was signed between his company and the National Company for Telecommunication Services (NCTS) to manage the satellite.

He said that the goal is to provide higher Internet speeds and larger capacities, as well as ensuring a stable level of service quality.

This degree of Internet service quality is needed by a specific sector of companies, he noted, especially those operating in areas that may be remote in the desert and under different circumstances such as oil and maritime companies.

Attia confirmed that his company aims to provide services in the local market in Egypt as well, after which it will head to all regions in Africa and the Arab world according to satellite coverage.

Costs will certainly be higher than the price level of traditional “landline” Internet services, he said, but as it is the  service that specific companies need, they are therefore are able to bear the difference in cost in exchange for quality.

He also raised the possibility of utilizing satellite Internet services for online education and training services, which also require high Internet speeds.

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