Kuwait Ambassador in Cairo: October victory is embodiment of ability to challenge difficulties

CAIRO, Oct 5 (MENA) – Kuwaiti Ambassador in Cairo Ghanim Saqr Al Ghanim said the victory of the 6th of October is that of the whole Arab nation and an embodiment of the ability to challenge difficulties and the impossible, reiterating that Kuwait has always been supportive of Egypt in all its causes and wars as the two countries have been tied up with friendship and fraternity over long decades.

In statements on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the October war, Ghanim pointed out to Kuwait’s participation in achieving this great achievement, noting that Kuwait has extended moral and financial support to the Egyptian and Syrian fronts via Al Gahraa Force in the Syrian front and Al Yarmouk Brigade in the Egyptian front as 42 soldiers were martyred during the battles in the land of Sinai along with their Egyptian brethren in defense of the Arab rights and to restore dignity and pride.

He also referred to all forms of political and economic support given by Kuwait to contribute to reinforcing the Arab status at the regional and international fora.

Ambassador Ghanim also noted that Kuwait participates with Egyptians every year in celebrating this occasion and was keen on highlighting its historic role in backing the Arab issues emanating from its national belongings and its keenness on influential presence in all issues related to cooperation with sisterly Arab countries at the various fronts.

He extended greetings to Egypt, its president, the government, and the people over this glorious anniversary, wishing Cairo all prosperity and progress.(MENA)

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