Kenyan VP rules out possibility of war over Nile water

Kenyan Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has ruled out the possibility of armed conflict between upstream and downstream countries over Nile water.

In an interview with the news agency MENA on Thursday, Musyoka claimed all Nile countries can benefit from the river’s water by carrying out projects such as dams to generate electricity.

Musyoka expressed hope that Egypt and Sudan would sign the Nile water re-distribution agreement, signed by five Nile Basin countries in May. Cairo and Khartoum rejected the agreement, citing its failure to guarantee their historic rights enshrined in earlier agreements.

Regarding recent statements made by Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in which he warned against the conflicts erupting between Cairo and Ethiopia over Nile water, Musyoka said, “I know nothing about such statements, but I’m sure Egypt and Ethiopia will always live in peace.”

Expressing concern about Egyptian interests, Musyoko added,“Nile water represents a vital source for Egyptians.”

Musyoka argued that dialogue is the only way for resoloving disputes among Nile Basin countries.

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