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Kempinski’s Le Blue: The epitome of business lunch

Le Blue is Kempinski’s all-day dining restaurant, situated in the heart of the city and surrounded by corporate areas. The no-menu menu restaurant might be the next hot spot in town.
Nicely lit and decorated with art deco furniture and chandeliers, Le Blue offers comfort and elegance to its patrons. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful and the place feels just like home. Pop in any time for breakfast, lunch or dinner and you will find what you are looking for.
There are several fridges scattered around the place for guests to freely open and take what they need. At breakfast time the fridges are usually filled with yogurt, museli, milk and juice.
Le Blue is ideal for businessmen grabbing a bite on the go. The business lunch consists of the roast of the day, salad, desert and coffee, and all for only LE125.
Since I take my food seriously I ordered the market list. It informs clients of all the ingredients available at the restaurant–meat, fish, chicken, vegetables or fruit–and you can decide what you want to eat, from fois gra to Molokheya with shrimps… Everything is possible at Le blue.
Since the variety is beyond most diners, the waiters guide guests through their lunch or dinner asking questions such as, "What do you like?" or "What do you feel like eating today?" They either suggest appetizers or dessert if you still feel overwhelmed.
The bread at Le Blue is freshly baked everyday at 5 AM, and sided with olive oil, a bit of vinegar and a sea salt dip. The large collection of appetizers is to die for, especially the sashimi soaked in soy sauce and the yummy grilled scallops.
The salad bar has ten to 15 mouth-watering choices including shrimp cocktail, stuffed vine leaves and green salad. If you want with meat or chicken, two jars of Dijon mustard will be delivered to your table, in addition to a selection of sauce to go with your main course. I recommend the rib eye with blue cheese sauce. As for sea food, the grilled shrimps are exceptionally good and the marinade is definitely the secret behind their impeccable taste.   
The food presentation is unique and pleasant to the eye and the quantities more than filling. Your options for a side are grilled vegetables, mashed potatoes or risotto.
The wine selection could possibly be the best in town. Aside from the local and Lebanese wine, Le Blue has a collection of liqueurs from France, Turkey, Australia, Italy and many other countries. If you are looking for something specific, don’t worry, it can be brought to you from either the Jazz Bar or the wine cellar. Le Blue exclusively serves sparkling Ruinart wine and Magnum Champagne. Pink Champagne is also available.     
The prices are definitely above those of your typical steak house, but still reasonable for the food and the experience. If it's your anniversary or birthday and you need to treat a loved one to an unforgettable dining experience, Le Blue is definitely the place.  Bon appétit. 

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