No-confidence vote sparks argument among parliamentarians

An argument occurred on Monday at the People’s Assembly between Speaker Saad al-Katatny and Adl Party MP Mostafa al-Naggar after Naggar said that Parliament cannot withdraw confidence from the government.

The incident took place after Naggar commented on the government’s statement by saying, “Do not expect anything from a government with no authority, as any of the tragedies this country has seen are enough to have toppled it but it continued to exist, and we must direct our words to our Parliament.”

Katatny interrupted Naggar, saying, “Direct your words to the government, not to Parliament.” Naggar then asked, “How many times have you discussed the withdrawal of confidence from the government?”

“We have now begun the measures and you should not discuss Parliament.  If you wish to discuss the government then go on, but if you discuss Parliament then step off the podium,” Katatny said.

Naggar asked, “Are you preventing me from speaking?” to which Katatny replied, “No, but stay on the subject.”

Naggar said, “The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces said that confidence cannot be withdrawn from the government.”

“Let the SCAF say as it pleases, and I, on behalf of Parliament, say we will withdraw confidence from the government, and you should read the bylaws to become familiar with the withdrawal of confidence procedures,” Katatny responded.

The voices of a number of Freedom and Justice Party MPs then rose in protest of Naggar’s statements. Hussein Ibrahim, head of the FJP parliamentary bloc, intervened and asked that they not respond to Naggar.  

Naggar left the podium after saying, “The withdrawal of confidence is nothing but talk.”

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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