Kafr el-Sheikh villagers protest water shortage

Kafr el-Sheikh–Hundreds of villager in Kafr el-Sheikh blocked the Belqas-Hamoul road yesterday, burning car tires to protest against water shortages that have caused their lands to become barren.

Protesters chanted against the government, and insisted they will maintain their protest until their demands are met.

“Our lands have become barren and crops have been damaged due to the lack of water for over two months,” said Mahmoud Farag, one of the villagers. He added that their complaints have received no official response.

Ahmed Shawqi, another villager, said they had faxed complaints to the Irrigation Engineering Authority in Daqahliya and Kafr el-Sheikh, but no one has responded.

Mohamed el-Beltagi, deputy minister of irrigation for Kafr el-Sheikh, noted that the area in question uses irrigation water from west of Daqahliya not Kafr el-Sheikh.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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