Justice Ministry writing law to create new govt council

The Justice Ministry is working on a draft law to create a Socio-Economic Council, said Essam Farag, the vice president of the Court of Cassation.

“The Council will include representatives of trade and student unions and associations to consult on all laws related to them," Farag said, adding that "Parliament and the Cabinet will be obliged to take the council’s opinion.”

“The council is formed of at least 150 members who are not allowed to be members of any parliamentary councils … and 50 percent of the council will include farmers and workers,” he said.

Farag added that the ministry is studying similar laws applied in 58 other countries.

The creation of the council is stipulated in Article 207 of the Constitution under Section IV, which pertains to independent and regulatory authorities.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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