Justice Minister highlights agreement over restoring Egypt’s smuggled assets

Justice Minister Mahfouz Saber praised talks held in the Swiss capital Geneva over restoration of Egyptian smuggled assets, saying there are moves to expedite measures of restoring the money.

The minister’s remarks were made after he arrived on Monday to Algeria coming from Geneva to take part in the 10th meeting for national committees and Arab governmental experts of human international law, which will start on Tuesday for three days. The meeting will be headed by Algerian Justice Minister Tayeb Louh.

The EU, according to Saber, will renew in 2015 the decision to freeze the smuggled assets. Thus, bilateral meetings were held between Egyptian, British and Spanish delegations to talk about postponing the decision.

During meeting with Swiss President Didier Burkhalter and senior Swiss officials, Saber said that Egyptian delegation said it was necessary to expedite measures, adding that Egypt should not be considered at a weak position, but is strongly demanding its right. The Swiss side responded to the demands, however, Burkhalter said that the measures might take some time.

"Before traveling to Geneva, the delegation held two meetings with the coordination committee on the assets restoration, which was formed by the Cabinet and headed by Saber," he said. The committee is tasked with coordination among all authorities in question as well as setting up mechanisms so there would not be any conflicts.

The delegation to Geneva was composed of representatives of the ministries of justice and international cooperation, prosecution, Illicit Gains Authority, Administrative Control, and departments of combating public funds crimes and money laundering.

Edited translation from MENA

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