Juice can sparks panic at Assiut school

Students at Tahrir Experimental School in downtown Assiut were gripped by fear after reportedly finding a bomb on campus, which was later discovered to be merely a can of juice.
Assiut Security chief Major General Aboul Qassem Abu Deif received notification from Assiut’s first police station that the school in question filed a report stating that they found a suspected bomb on their school fence.
The incident sparked fear among the students and the staff, with parents rushing to pick up their children from school.
Civil Defense forces and bomb experts headed to the school and examined the suspect bomb which turned out to be a can of juice.
Egyptians have been on edge since widespread bomb reports in civilian areas have filled the news, as the current political aftermath has gripped Egypt following the ouster of President Mohamed Morsy.
Earlier today, a bomb was found in Mohandeseen planted next to an armored vehicle, which caused officials to divert traffic for half an hour. The bomb was diffused shortly after.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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