Judges’ movement announces Morsy victory in unofficial vote count

The Judges for Egypt movement has declared Freedom and Justice Party Mohamed Morsy candidate as the winner of the presidential election runoff that took place Saturday and Sunday, according to the movement’s vote count.

The movement announced Wednesday at a news conference at the Journalists Syndicate that its count shows Morsy won with about 13.24 million votes, compared with the 12.35 million won by his opponent, former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq.

The results include the votes of Egyptians abroad, movement spokesperson Walid al-Sharaby said.

“This is not a declaration of the [official] result because there are appeals yet to be considered by the Presidential Elections Commission. This is only a counting of the correct and false votes around the country …” Sharaby said.

He said rumors circulating about ballots being cast in advance or printed out at state and police printing houses put the Egyptian judiciary into question. He said if the rumors are true, the movement rejects this, because it would lead to an endless state of chaos in that if some cards were pre-marked to favor a candidate, the judges received them that way. .

Sharaby said some judges had found pre-marked ballot cards and excluded them completely.

He said the movement obtained the vote-counting results from the general committees’ records. But he stressed that the Presidential Elections Commission is the only entity entitled to announce the election results and the challenges against them.

A former head of the Judges Club, Zakariya Abdel Aziz, founded the Judges for Egypt movement in May to participate in the presidential election monitoring process, in collaboration with civil organizations, to prevent election forging.

Edited translation from MENA

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