Judges Club president lashes out at protesting law school graduates

Ahmed al-Zend, president of the Judges Club, lashed out at law school graduates who are demonstrating before the Supreme Court, saying that he would never appoint them to judicial posts.

On Tuesday, scores of law school graduates with high grades protested outside the Cairo High Court, demanding that selection for judicial posts be based on fair criteria, rather than on the basis of non-academic factors, including nepotism.

“They are hooligans,” Zend said. “They insult the judiciary and its symbols.”

Zend accused Mahmoud al-Khodeiry, former vice president of the Court of Cassation, of inciting the protesters against the judiciary.

“I have video clips proving that,” he said.

Zend denied that the judiciary contains remnants of the dissolved ruling National Democractic Party and State Security Investigations Service.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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