Judges Club chief pushes for security tax

Chief Ahmed al-Zend of the Judges Club called for a security tax on citizens who can afford it on Monday.
In an interview aired on the privately-owned Sada al-Balad TV channel Zend said, “We will impose a security tax on people who can afford it. LE20 every month per person to protect your properties, children, you and your wife comes to LE100 per month for a five-person household. What can you buy for LE100? It’s not money.”
Interviewer and TV host Ahmed Moussa questioned this decision. “People will say, 'See? They want to get more money from us.'”
Zend responded by saying, “Let them say what they want. They are already saying this and will continue to say it. If we did not take money, they would say, 'They did not take money from us.'”
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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