Judge referred to investigative committee for participating in the revolution

State Council President Mohamed Abdel Ghani on Saturday referred his deputy, Judge Mohamed Fouad Atteya, to an investigative committee for participating in the 25 January revolution.

Atteya was chosen from day one by the demonstrators to speak to the media on their behalf. He also helped them articulate their demands for constitutional reforms.

Atteya, 41, is the youngest judge in the council. He had reported rigging in several polls of the last parliamentary elections.

“I am proud to have participated in the revolution,” Atteya said. “I have practiced my right for freedom of expression.”

“I don’t mind losing my job if this is what it takes for reform to materialize,” he added.

Judges are usually referred to investigative committees in cases related to bribery and reputation.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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