Journalists Syndicate urges members to shun military prosecution

In a blatant challenge to Egypt's military rulers, the Journalists Syndicate has urged its members to reject summons by military prosecutors in press-related cases.

The syndicate released a statement Tuesday calling on journalists to defend their right to appear before civilian courts and refuse any attempt to subject them to military trials.

Since the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) assumed power in February, 12,000 Egyptians have faced trial in military tribunals. Military prosecutors have also summoned activists and journalists for questioning.

This month the military prosecutor summoned a journalist who wrote about the illegal appointment of SCAF General Mamdouh Shaheen's son to an academic position.

But journalist Mahmoud al-Daba refused to stand before the military prosecutors.

In May, journalists Hossam al-Hamalawy, Reem Maged and Nabil Sharaf Eddin were summoned to appear before military judges based on accusations they criticized the SCAF.

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