Jordanian diplomat to MENA: coordination with Egypt to deliver aid to Gaza aims to alleviate suffering of Palestinians

CAIRO, March 18 (MENA) – Jordanian Ambassador in Cairo Amjad al Adaylah asserted that the Egyptian-Jordanian coordination about the delivery of humanitarian relief supplies and medical assistance into the Gaza Strip via several mechanisms is key to alleviating the suffering of the Palestinians in the war-ravaged strip.

Adaylah told MENA that airdrops of aid, which were conducted by Egypt and Jordan bilaterally and multilaterally reflect the never-ceasing and greater interest to search for ways to contribute to scaling up the volume of assistance into the coastal enclave in light of the restrictions imposed by the Israeli occupation forces on the entry of aid via the Rafah border terminal.

He said the Jordanian Armed Forces have conducted 111 airdrops so far. Jordan was the first country that sent an aid aircraft to the Gaza Strip since the onset of the Israeli war against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, added the Jordanian diplomat.

Jordan has two field hospitals in the strip that are run by the medical services of the armed forces and are receiving thousands of patients and wounded Palestinians. (MENA)

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